About Us


Ardeno is a company that’s been operating on the market for over 20 years in the production and processing of wood, with a wide range of products such as wooden elements, chairs, tables, sofas, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and customized furniture.

Our work experience on the market has set a unique brand, which conveys reliability, availability and flexibility.

What sets us apart on our domestic and foreign markets is our selection of quality materials, their processing, orientation towards new models, products designed with careful attention to detail and customer service. Our customer support is based on the principle of always being there for our clients at their disposal.

Our strength lies in our ability to operate high-tech machinery and combining with traditional products. Knowledge and modern techniques are the foundation on which we have built our reputation, reliability and success.

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We offer all our customers the opportunity to choose our products directly from our factory, as well as through our distributors in Albania and abroad (Italy, Kosovo, Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro).

Ardeno’s high Italian and German technology is based on 8000 square meters of land, storage facilities and 4000m2 showrooms. Ardeno offers over 500 products with a wide range of models, different designs such as; modern, classics and cost-effective. Our main focus remains on the value of the products and the quality of our brand. Our company is designed specifically to help customers by providing low cost products and fast production with free domestic delivery.

Our products are built on the choices of our product lines, creating new models, wood selection, manufacturing techniques and the use of textiles and colors. Every aspect of our production is supported in collaboration with Italian and German firms.

All Ardeno products have trademarks with the local governing laws and certified with ISO 9001 – 2008 14001-2004

Ardeno Art of Furniture